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Window Release Limiter

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The stopper for opening the window leaf, the window lock (the same "comb") is a window vent. It consists of two parts - a comb (a small bar with indentations) and a retainer. The retainer is attached to the movable window leaf, the comb itself is fixed to the frame. Note that the window comb simply fixes, but does not lock the window. Do not leave the window fixed on the latch if you plan to leave the room for a long time.

Combs are used for the controlled airing of the room on rotary PVC or wooden windows. Provide the possibility of fixing the leaf in 2 planes: vertical and horizontal.

Color to choose - white or brown.

Material: Plastic, metal.

Manufacturer: Roto.


We also recommend this product to our friends, we bought BSL Sash Prime and are very happy
Rūdolfs Lagzdiņš

A very useful thing in our family, we want to take care of our child's safety and beyond.

Nikolajs Baburovs

I live in a high-rise building in a new project, often ventilating the room, we want to feel safe, because our little one is very active

Laura Berogovaja

An excellent product for the safety of a child, we buy on the seventh floor of a living room and want to feel safe everyday.

Jana Liepiņa