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Ventilation systems Air-Box Comfort

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Simplicity and accessibility 

The supply of r-Box produced by r-Box - climate control valves that are easy to install and at affordable prices - are the most affordable means of restoring air exchange, including without reducing air quality and relative air humidity in the room, thus creating condensation and facilitating the formation of molds that not only damages the visual appearance of the room, but also adversely affects human health. The use of modern windows has led to the emergence of many problems associated with ventilation disruption, as the excellent airtightness of these windows prevents the air from entering the room, thereby creating a rise in the humidity in the room, with consequent condensation and mold formation. To solve these problems, a special supply valve is required.

Normative inflow 

Inlet devices The Air-Box valves provide airflow through the window closing, including maintaining the benefits of all PVC hermetic windows. That is why the use of window valves in modern construction has become a prerequisite.

 Airflow control

Airflow control is carried out by moving the regulator handle, which controls the position of the ventilation shutter position, ensuring a smooth supply of air.


  Air permeability at static pressure (10 Pa) - up to 31m³ / h.



We also recommend this product to our friends, we bought BSL Sash Prime and are very happy
Rūdolfs Lagzdiņš

A very useful thing in our family, we want to take care of our child's safety and beyond.

Nikolajs Baburovs

I live in a high-rise building in a new project, often ventilating the room, we want to feel safe, because our little one is very active

Laura Berogovaja

An excellent product for the safety of a child, we buy on the seventh floor of a living room and want to feel safe everyday.

Jana Liepiņa