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Baby Safe

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Window blocker Cable White

BSL Cable Prime - Window lock, all-metal, complete with 2 keys (suitable for all locks), four screws with a drill, installation instructions. Blocks the function of opening the window, leaving the possibility to leave it for airing.

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We also recommend this product to our friends, we bought BSL Sash Prime and are very happy
Rūdolfs Lagzdiņš

A very useful thing in our family, we want to take care of our child's safety and beyond.

Nikolajs Baburovs

I live in a high-rise building in a new project, often ventilating the room, we want to feel safe, because our little one is very active

Laura Berogovaja

An excellent product for the safety of a child, we buy on the seventh floor of a living room and want to feel safe everyday.

Jana Liepiņa